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Starcraft II question
  pluzich, Jul 26 2011

Got a new laptop, will be able to play SC II
I am in Germany right now but want an English version, the shops from what I understand sell only the German version. I'm pretty sure one can use the German key with an English installation. sells the game for almost 20 Euros more than the shops, which is disgusting and I'm not going to pay that extra.

So does anyone know how to do this? Want a EU key (can buy from shop) + the game in English.

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Barca game tonight
  pluzich, Sep 19 2010

Does anyone know good sites to watch La Liga games online? I wouldn't mind paying for a membership if the site is legit and the quality is better.

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[H]PokerTracker HUD
  pluzich, Sep 06 2010

Want to turn off PT HUD for Rush, but so that it doesn't go away from my sng tables.

Or, can I at least modify the Rush HUD?

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